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Corporate Wellness Program

Our customized Corporate Wellness Program for employees are offered with an educational and interactive approach to promote employee interest, discussions and development of wellness plans to increase health consciousness and management. One-hour sessions are scheduled once/twice weekly during general lunch schedules to minimize disruption of company and employee performance.  Employees can join the sessions that interest them and enjoy their lunches at the same time.


Health Management:


Many elements of our daily lives presents challenges with our health.  More and more minor factors in our day to day living environments are causes of health deterioration; which leads to major medical issues for employees and performance and productivity concerns or businesses.  The Health Management component re-introduces to people many health factors that can be positively affect our daily living.


Nutrition Management:


Many employees complain of fatigue, weight gain, sugar craving and mood swings.  If this is occurring in your organization, poor eating habits and choices can be the cause.  The “Ask the Nutritionist” table can assist with providing answers to common nutritional questions and problems.  The nutritionist’s goal is to find a healthy eating pattern to fit lifestyle, improve the quality of life and avoid unnecessary hospitalization and medications resulting in a more productive, healthier employee.


Fitness Management:


Introducing a moderate amount of exercise into daily life employees can significantly improve overall health, wellbeing and quality of life. Studies show that employees are more likely to start and sustain a fitness program when they have access to fitness professionals.  There are seven excellent reasons to implement an exercise program.  Strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory, manage diabetes, ease depression and manage weight, prevent and reduce risk of certain types of cancer, and sleep better.

Benefits of the Corporate Wellness Program

  • Employees will learn: how to release and decrease stress, the effects of introducing a moderate amount of exercise into their daily lives, and other great information.


  • Healthy Cooking Demonstration – A chef will be provided to prepare delicious and healthy food choices. Participants can sample these foods, learn how to prepare the food and receive copies of recipes.


  • Ask the Trainer: Will provide the opportunity for your employees to ask any questions they may have pertaining to exercise and proper techniques.


  • Health fair events- A fun and interactive way to introduce wellness and health education to your employees. A variety of booths represented by health and wellness professionals will provide educational and interactive information about how to become healthier in an informal environment. Resources that are utilized include local health care professionals, not for profit health associations, and local safety organizations.


  • Therapeutic Services


  • Discounts on personal training sessions and group fitness classes

Competitive activities for employees to compete in, such as:

  • Togg-a-war


  • Nutritional Questionnaires


  • Relay’s


  • Obstacle courses


  • The biggest loser


Incentives for participating employees, such as: 

  • Free tickets to events


  • Free Personal Training


  • Group Fitness classes


  • Free Trips


  • Restaurant Gift cards