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Massage Therapy

Seated Massages, Table Massages, Reflexology all on-site


Office chair massage has become very popular for its portability and its capacity to offer therapeutic massage to a large number of people in a short period of time. Clients remain clothed keeping turn-around times short and helping to create a comfortable environment.  Receiving just five or ten minutes of chair massage has been found to be effective for relief of aches and pains and reduction of stress.  Chair massage in the office has become commonplace.  It's easy, fast and relatively inexpensive when compared with other employee benefits. Our therapists come ready to work when your company needs to relax or deserves a reward whether that's Wednesday morning, Friday evening or over the weekend. There are many scientifically studied benefits of chair massage as well as benefits to your business including:

  • Decrease Stress


  • Immune System Boost


  • Improve Circulation


  • Less Muscle Pain


  • Headache Relief


  • Improve Thinking


  • Lower Blood Pressure                                            


  • Enhance Flexibility